This is my personal internal commitment.  It comes from a place of pure humility and understanding that everything I am and everything I have was given to me by God.  I am committed to living my life according to who I am.  My commitment was inspired by the Deuce Lutui TBOLITNFL story.

I am a son of God.  I recognize that nobility within me and the responsibility that comes with it.  I have a desire and propensity to do ...

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In The Blink Of An Eye

A few weeks ago we hopped in the car on a Thursday afternoon to drive to California. I needed to be in San Diego for a work event on Friday, so we decided to take the whole family for the weekend.

Jill was driving so that I could get some work done. Suddenly, she screamed and started to swerve to the left. We were in the left lane on I-10 heading West, just outside of Quartzite. Jill had seen a car ...

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Sex in Politics: Why we should care about politicians’ personal lives

Ever since President Clinton’s “I didn’t have sex with that woman” affair with Monica Lewinsky, many have cried, “Why should it matter what our politicians do in their personal lives?” They continue on, “It doesn’t matter what happens in the president’s bedroom as long as he’s a good president”.

I argue that these justifiers are way off base. Commitment to sexual purity is just one area that should be carefully scrutinized in every politician.

Some of ...

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Viewer Discretion Advised: The Corruption of the Media and American Values

Last night I found myself once again deeply engrossed in another episode of 24. Its the only TV show I watch. I’ve banned myself from watching all other TV for a very specific reason. Too much of our TV shows depict an amoral society and encourage the audience to believe it is good.

For example, Grey’s Anatomy had its season finale last night. The whole season revolved around a young, single, female intern having a ...

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