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Time: A Limitless Resource

We always hear people say “If I only had more time in the day…” or “There just isn’t enough time to…”.

I’m working on a theory that says we’re all wrong about time.  My current hypothesis is that time is a limitless resource.  Despite what most people think, we actually can have all the time we need to get whatever things done we want to get done.

Let’s explore…

How is it that God can hear and answer everyone’s prayers?  There’s no way ...

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Art, Marketing, Acheivement, & Fiction: 2010, Summarized

I’ve always loved reading, studying, and learning new things.  Being in Infusionsoft’s learning-rich environment has feuled the desire to read & learn more.  Below is a list of the books I read in 2010.

I started off the year strong and then slowed my reading down to only a few books in Q4.  In the end, 2010 was about getting more attuned to what it will take to get Infusionsoft to the next level, personal growth for me in various ...

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