Group Coaching

Community. Sharing. Partnerships.

One of the most powerful aspect of group coaching is the community that develops.  My private and group clients are top-notch.  Being a part of this community will help you learn from me and many other bright minds and successful entrepreneurs.

Tyler Garns is one of the most expert marketing strategists that uses Infusionsoft–Greg Head, CMO, Infusionsoft

When it comes to marketing wisdom and strategy, Tyler Garns is the man!–Rich Fettke, Co-Founder Real Wealth Nework, Inc.

Nobody...and I mean NOBODY, understands both Infusionsoft AND marketing better than Tyler Garns.–Kyle Leavitt, Founder CustomerHub

The Entrepreneur’s Freedom Formula

My group coaching curriculum is centered on a framework I’ve developed called the Entrepreneur’s Freedom Formula that helps guide the process of aligning the business owners vision, the business strategy, the marketing strategy, and each employee’s day-to-day work. When those four things are in perfect alignment, magic happens and growth is inevitable.

I dive deep with my private consulting clients. I spend a couple of days onsite at their location to get fully immersed in the vision and the daily operations. During that visit I work with the business owner to clarify the vision and the overall business strategy to get there. My consulting agreements usually last 3-6 months. During those few months, I engage at a very personal level with the business owner and the employees to help them build the right framework to get unstuck and start growing again.

Extensive Experience

I lean on my extensive experience as the Director and VP of Marketing at Infusionsoft for over 4 years and my experience working with some of the top marketers and entrepreneurs in the world. Having been the person who ran Infusionsoft’s own Infusionsoft account for many years, I can help businesses leverage Infusionsoft in creative ways to accomplish their goals.

Here are a few of the topics covered in group coaching:

  • I help align the business owner’s vision, with the right business strategy, marketing strategy, and daily tactics
  • Delegation – I help business owners find the genius in each employee which allows them to delegate appropriate responsibilities – freeing the business owner from some of the overwhelm
  • Positioning – I help businesses position themselves against competitors and in a way that captures mind share amongst their target market
  • Marketing – I help businesses set up the structure necessary to track every dollar spent on marketing and know what the return on that investment was
  • Advertising – I help businesses learn how to spend on web advertising in a profitable way
  • Follow up campaign strategy – I help businesses develop powerful follow up campaigns using Infusionsoft that increase conversions drastically
  • Copy review – I review campaign copy to ensure that it speaks to the intended audience the right way and conveys the right message
  • Metrics & Dashboard Reports – I help businesses know what numbers are crucial to track and establish dashboards for seeing those numbers in real time
  • API Development Consulting – I help businesses know how to best leverage Infusionsoft’s powerful API for product integrations, private app development, creative marketing, and reporting
  • Retention & Referrals – I help businesses increase their lifetime customer value by building processes that deliver WOW for customers
  • Avoid Costly Mistakes – I help businesses avoid marketing missteps or Infusionsoft setup problems that may cost them millions down the road
  • Weekly Calls – I have weekly scheduled calls with my group coaching clients where we have open discussion on the topics above and collaborate to help each other out


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