I AM: Consistency

A few weeks ago I posted my personal internal commitment. The reason was to publicly declare how I am committing to living my life – not because I want everyone to read it – but only to hold myself to a higher level of accountability. Jill was concerned that people reading it wouldn’t fully understand. I told her I wasn’t concerned about that because I wrote it for me and for no one else.

So, now that I’ve been living my commitment for a few weeks, what are the results?

Each morning during my personal reflection & meditation time I read scriptures, pray, and read my personal internal commitment statement. I also work on committing it to memory. By doing this, my commitment is more present in my mind throughout the day and I’m more likely to be intentional about each activity I participate in.

I’m more focused at work.

I’m more engaged with my wife & kids.

I intentionally have more fun with them.

I’m more focused when participating in my church responsibilities.

In the end, I don’t think the observable change is great enough for anyone to take notice. If you asked my wife, she would probably say she hasn’t seen a huge difference. But I am noticing the difference. The change is welling up inside me and the magnitude is growing each day.

Now, the key is to live my commitment with 100% consistency.




  1. Mary Garns  February 27, 2011

    So proud of you Tyler! We all need to do this. You inspire me!


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