This is my personal internal commitment.  It comes from a place of pure humility and understanding that everything I am and everything I have was given to me by God.  I am committed to living my life according to who I am.  My commitment was inspired by the Deuce Lutui TBOLITNFL story.

I am a son of God.  I recognize that nobility within me and the responsibility that comes with it.  I have a desire and propensity to do what is right – as evidenced by my choosing God’s plan in the preexistence and on earth.  I want to serve God in all that I do and dedicate my life to building His kingdom.  I have unwavering faith and I look to my Heavenly Father for guidance in all I do.

I am a loving father and husband.  I enjoy spending time with my family, encouraging and uplifting them.  All that I do in life is with the purpose of providing for, teaching, and showing an example to my family.

I am an inspired problem solver.  My quick, keen, and alert mind was given to me, in part, to figure out how to take Infusionsoft to $50MM.  I have a powerful ability to put into operation the ideas conceived in my mind.  I have the ability to consolidate complex ideas and package and represent them well.  My mind is always curious and inquisitive and I’m continually searching for a better understanding of human nature.

I am an independent, free-thinker, who makes accurate decisions based on the continual mental recording of information through observations, experiences, reading, and listening.

I work in a rocket launch style with intense energy, competitive spirit, and an ambitious desire to win.  I am a locomotive-like force that is inner-directed, self-initiated, steady, steadfast, and tenacious.

I have a warm smile and a firm handshake. I have a friendly, empathetic, and persuasive way of dealing with others.  I exhibit self confidence and independence and I desire to engender those traits in others.  I am a pleasant and calm person, never letting stresses or worries cause me to flail or waiver in my convictions.  I am tolerant, helpful, and I seek to create peaceful, friendly, and orderly environments for people.  I am skillful in teaching, motivating, and developing others.  I am influential and convincing.  I am always positive, optimistic, and inspiring.

I have a burning desire to live with perfect obedience.

I am a Garns.  With that comes a legacy of untiring hard work and righteousness.  I will uphold that legacy throughout mortality.  I will be true to myself in all that I do.




  1. Lindsay James  October 25, 2010

    Tyler I love this!!! You are so awesome and so inspiring to me! My name may say James but I am still a Garns too… and proud of it!!! Love you!

  2. Jason  August 7, 2011

    Pure cheese.

  3. Ismael  May 3, 2016

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