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Strengths vs Talents

I’ve often heard people say things like “Focus on your strengths” or “Don’t waste time trying to overcome your weaknesses, you’ll just burn out.”

It’s important to tease out what that means. Misinterpreted, those statements could cause some to believe that self improvement is not worthwhile.

If “strengths” & “weaknesses” are viewed as behavioral traits, and “talent” is viewed as innate ability, then things get more clear.

In our careers, we can each achieve greatness much more rapidly if we focus ...

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I AM: Consistency

A few weeks ago I posted my personal internal commitment. The reason was to publicly declare how I am committing to living my life – not because I want everyone to read it – but only to hold myself to a higher level of accountability. Jill was concerned that people reading it wouldn’t fully understand. I told her I wasn’t concerned about that because I wrote it for me and for no one else.

So, now that I’ve been ...

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