Former VP of Marketing, Infusionsoft

In 2007 I left the “corporate” world to go out on my own.  Instead, I ended up at Infusionsoft as the Internet Marketing Manager.  It was one of the smartest moves I’ve ever made (or luckiest).  Infusionsoft has a clear goal to revolutionize the way small businesses grow (something near and dear to my heart), they charge hard, they’re growing fast, and tackling big problems.  Tons of work = tons of fun.

As the Director/VP of Marketing, I had the privilege of working with some of the brightest minds in small business marketing.  My team was awesome.  I learned something new every day.  That’s what kept it fun & exciting.

During my time at Infusionsoft, we grew our lead generation from 300 leads per month to 25,000 leads per month. I attribute that to a lot of study, learning from experienced customers, a lot of testing, and the power of leveraging technology (particularly Infusionsoft) to track everything.

More than anything, I love speaking to and working with small business owners.  Their ability to profoundly impact their local communities is astounding.  Entrepreneurs, I salute you.