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This is my personal internal commitment.  It comes from a place of pure humility and understanding that everything I am and everything I have was given to me by God.  I am committed to living my life according to who I am.  My commitment was inspired by the Deuce Lutui TBOLITNFL story.

I am a son of God.  I recognize that nobility within me and the responsibility that comes with it.  I have a desire and propensity to do ...

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In The Blink Of An Eye

A few weeks ago we hopped in the car on a Thursday afternoon to drive to California. I needed to be in San Diego for a work event on Friday, so we decided to take the whole family for the weekend.

Jill was driving so that I could get some work done. Suddenly, she screamed and started to swerve to the left. We were in the left lane on I-10 heading West, just outside of Quartzite. Jill had seen a car ...

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