Time: A Limitless Resource

We always hear people say “If I only had more time in the day…” or “There just isn’t enough time to…”.

I’m working on a theory that says we’re all wrong about time.  My current hypothesis is that time is a limitless resource.  Despite what most people think, we actually can have all the time we need to get whatever things done we want to get done.

Let’s explore…

How is it that God can hear and answer everyone’s prayers?  There’s no way there’s enough time to do all of that.  Especially if one day in God’s time is equivalent to 1,000 years on earth.  The answer is only that God has an abundance of time.   There is no limit for him.  The scriptures refer to eternity having no beginning and no end.  If there is no beginning and no end, then there is a limitless supply.

If that is true, then how do we access this limitless supply of time?

I believe the parable of the talents applies here.  As we are good stewards of the time we’ve been given, more is given.

Think of the successful people you know.  They all seem to accomplish enormous amounts of things in less time than seems possible.  They have been given more time.

Try it out.  Decide to be the best steward of your time and watch how suddenly you have more of it.  This requires preparation, planning, and discipline.  But, it’s well worth it.




  1. Jeff  February 4, 2011

    Estoy de acuerdo.

  2. jared  March 1, 2011

    me gusta

  3. jared  March 1, 2011

    Ok I am really, really inspired by this thought. I love it! I just had to say that in english. I just read it for the 3rd time

  4. Guido E. Zecckine III  June 23, 2011

    I like this post! God works like that with money too… the better you can manage money, the more God will give you to manage. I’m glad to see a religious post on this page. People don’t always remember God in their daily lives, but balance is needed in ALL areas of life. That includes time, money, family, business, and religion. Amen, my friend! Great post!


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